Trial 1 : The Ultimate Roguelike Challenge


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Tileset Information

The Prizes

First Place

$500.00 and free Oryx Design Lab sprites for life

Second Place

$100.00 and a free Oryx Mega Pack sprite set

Third Place

A free Oryx Mega Pack sprite set

Challenge Rules

  • Entries must be announced in the Trials of Oryx forum before December 10th, 2013
  • ntries must be received no later than Midnight PST, December 24th, 201
  • ntires announced after the deadline will not be eligible for prizes.
  • The game must use only the Ultimate Roguelike Tileset
  • The game must be a roguelike, or derivative (ie. an tactics game with roguelike elements).
  • Creators may modify the sprites (add animation, recolor, etc.)
  • External fonts, music, or other resources, within reason, are allowed.
  • Previously released games are not eligible for entry into the challenge
  • The game must at minimum be playable within a web browser or Windows


  • Glenn Wichman, creator of the original Rogue
  • Ido Yehieli, creator of Cardinal Quest I/II
  • Oryx, Bungie Art Director, Oryx Design Lab

Challenge rules may be modified or appended at any time for clarification
Oryx Design Lab reserves the right to reject or disqualify entries at its discretion.
If less than 6 qualifying entries are received, prizes may be reduced.